Summer 2015 Recap: South Carolina

South Carolina (August 1 – August 8):

This was the second place I went to this past summer that I had never been to before. It took over 14 hours to get to Garden City, SC by car, with the stops we took. For about 4 hours straight, while driving through parts of North and South Carolina, I had no mobile service. And of course, this was after I slept, so I was wide awake with nothing to do but look at the grass and road outside the window. But the vacation was worth it after working for the majority of the summer (besides Prague, of course) because it was so relaxing. The ocean had perfect waves to swim in; not too big, not too calm.

ocean 2 View of the marsh from the house we stayed in 

Typical leap on the beach picture Typical handstand on the beach picture 

Riding in the golf carts trees 2

I visited Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, which was a highlight of the trip!

seahorse Clownfish 


Saw Shark Pufferfish

I spent a day in Charleston, where I rode on a boat and visited Fort Sumter. I went to a zoo. And I saw tigers at Barefoot Landing, one of the boardwalk shops in Myrtle Beach.

In the rain at Fort Sumter On the boat 

tiger 2 tiger 3

Fort Sumter Desert Turtle

Peacock Bobcat


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