Halloween at Stony Acres

I spent this Halloween weekend camping at Stony Acres with four other members of ESU’s Rotaract club. Stony Acres is the campground owned by students of ESU.


We enjoyed telling stories around the campfire, eating s’mores and playing card games the night we arrived. We slept in a cabin heated by a wood stove, but we didn’t add wood throughout the night, so it became really cold. But we survived!

The next morning, we had bagels for breakfast as the sun came out and we warmed up.

As members of Rotaract, a community service club, we asked the caretakers of Stony Acres if there was any way we could help out. They gave us the mission of un-stacking a shed of old wood and re-stacking it with new wood. This took a little less than an hour with all five of us working as a team.

We ended our time at Stony Acres with a hike. We climbed tall rock formations, avoided tripping on tree roots and finished out relaxing near the pond and enjoying nature.

IMG_20151031_123745396 IMG_20151031_124622186

You can find more information about ESU’s Rotaract club and Stony Acres on their Facebook pages:


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