Rotary UN Day 2015

On Saturday, Nov. 7, I attended Rotary UN Day at the United Nations in New York City.

I was invited to Rotary UN Day because I won second place in the 2015 Rotaract ethics essay contest, which centered around female genital mutilation. I worked hard on that essay, so I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. I was presented with a $1,000 prize and an award certificate at Rotary UN Day.

rotary un day ethics essay

While there, I attended panels led by Rotary members who help people in need all around the world. I learned that Rotary is working to completely eradicate polio, with only two countries left with cases. The panels opened my eyes to the problems and the people struggling around the world, not just where I live.

I learned that slavery still exists in the form of human trafficking, which is mostly of poor women and children. I also learned about scared refugees from war-torn nations who need our help. My outlook on life changed and I realized there is so much more I can do to help those in need, which I plan to do throughout my life.

I’m so grateful to be a Rotaract member, which after visiting the UN, I learned is more than just community service. It is world service.

program in front of UN 1


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