Winter {break} is Coming!

Classes are over and it’s finally finals week. For most students, this means extra stress and studying, but not so much for me. Although I had my fair share of studying to do, I can’t complain much because the semester was worth it and I learned so much.

Overall, this semester was a roller coaster, with alternating weeks of busy schedules and easy schedules. Oddly, the six classes I took were the easiest parts of the semester and my extra-curricular involvement kept me busy.

Writing for “The Stroud Courier,” practicing for the Contemporary Dancers recital next semester and being involved with clubs helped me pass my time on campus.

One of the clubs I am a member of is the Musical Theater Organization, also called MTO. This semester, MTO events often conflicted with my work schedule and other club events, so it took a backseat in my schedule for the majority of the semester. This is why, when the club was offered to sing at a residence hall’s holiday event, I was excited to join because I finally had no conflicts!

We sang three songs at the event, which was the first time I sang in front of people in about a year. I am not a strong singer, or a good one, so I am horrifyingly self conscious when I sing. But, I thought it was about time I broke free of that for one night at least. Plus, I was singing with a group, so I could hide my voice easier.


I also worked on my study abroad application this semester, which will be submitted hopefully before the end of the year. Then, I should know which university I will be studying abroad at by March and will head overseas next fall.

I am excited for winter break and next year, but I am also grateful for all the people I met and the experiences I had this semester.


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