Spring 2016: ESU week 1

Today marks the end of the first week of classes, also known as “syllabus week,” at East Stroudsburg University. Considering this is my first “syllabus week” with actual homework, I have a positive outlook on my classes as well as my extra curricular activities.

This weekend, my goal is to read four plays for my acting ii class and memorize three irregular verbs for my French class.


My long term goals for this semester are to speak enough French to visit the country, become more aware in my acting, submit my study abroad application on time, and make the Dean’s List again. I know I can accomplish all these goals, especially if I stay as focused and determined as I was this past week.

Along with my academic goals, clubs and organizations will also keep me pretty busy this semester.

I am going to sorority recruitment in February and I hope to find a Greek organization that is right for me there. I also have my Contemporary Dancers recital in March; my first recital in three years. And finally, I will be performing in the cabaret for ESU’s Musical Theater Organization. My performance will be part of a group dance I will choreograph to the song “NYC” from the musical “Annie.”

This semester is off to a productive start and I plan to continue on this route for the rest of my academic career.


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