Realizations after Bad News

In the past two weeks, I received some bad news. First, my dance was cut from the Contemporary Dancers recital because not enough dancers signed up for it. Then, out of four sororities, none of them invited me back after the first day of recruitment.

Although I only received these two bits of bad news, I was devastated. Combined with the stress of my home life and school work, I felt a huge blow.

I choreographed an entire dance over winter break and then I found out my work had gone to waste. I was upset, but I kept my head up. Even though I was told by the executive board that my dance could still be in the show if a dancer dropped out, I knew I could not blame them for changing their minds. They did not want the show to be too long and since a dancer did drop out of my dance, it no longer met the minimum requirement to be in the recital.

But, since I am choreographing a dance for the cabaret at the end of the semester, I plan on using some of what I choreographed for the recital in that dance to “N.Y.C.” from the musical “Annie.” This helps soften the first blow because not all of my work will go to waste.

Last semester, I attended sorority recruitment for one sorority, but was not called back. I did leave what I thought was a good impression, though. So, I thought I would be a shoo-in when I attended recruitment this semester. Plus, there were more sororities to meet this time around.

But, it turns out I was wrong and I do not belong with any of the Greek organizations on campus. I cried for a while and then decided to go to dance rehearsal because I no was no longer allowed to attend recruitment.

When I arrived at rehearsal, one of the dancers on the executive board pulled me aside. She handed me a card and a stuffed unicorn and gave me a hug as I began to cry again. This time, though, my sad tears were mixed with happy tears.


I was happy because, even though I was not invited into a Greek organization, I realized there are others who care about me. I realized I should be part of the groups who show me kindness, not the groups who do not want to include me.

This kind gesture cheered me up. I no longer cared that my dance would not be in the show because at least I can dance alongside people who care about me.


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