A Weekend of Celebrations

I spent this past weekend celebrating with family and friends.

Friday, I started the night playing gift card bingo at ESU. Sadly, I did not win any games. Afterwards, I went to a Valentine’s party with some of my friends in Contemporary Dancers. I had a fun time dancing and meeting new people.

Saturday morning, my mom picked me up, with my sister tagging along. We had lunch at Olive Garden, where I enjoyed unlimited minestrone soup with bread sticks and took my 5 cheese spaghetti entree home for the next day. My sister and I love Olive Garden, but my mom had not been there in about 10 years, so it was interesting to reintroduce her to it.

Later that evening, we celebrated my Uncle Richard’s 60th birthday at a party/family get together. My dinner plate included mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta and a salad. My dessert consisted of pizzelles, which I admit were a bit too minty for my taste. A cake was served, but I was too full from everything else to try it. I spent the rest of the night occasionally dancing, but the D.J. played too many older songs that were not upbeat enough. Even some of the older guests did not know the songs.

60th party

I enjoyed catching up with my family, but I was also glad it was only for one night because sometimes my family can be overwhelming.

On Valentine’s Day, I woke up to my mom’s home fries and eggs for breakfast. I particularly enjoyed the home fries because my school rarely serves actual potatoes at breakfast. It was a nice change from ESU’s overly greasy tater tots and hash browns. My mom then drove me back to school, where I finished my Olive Garden leftovers for lunch. I ate dinner with a few friends and spent the rest of the night watching “The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.”

I then woke up today to find my friend left a Twix bar at my door as a late Valentine’s gift and my happiness elevated.


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