“The Fantasticks” and Midterms

This past weekend, I attended East Stroudsburg University’s production of “The Fantasticks.” The show was double cast and I saw both casts perform to sold out audiences. I can’t pick my favorite cast because they both had their own stand-out moments. I enjoyed the show overall, but I wish it was a bit more upbeat because there were moments where I struggled to focus.


The day before I attended the performances, Tom Jones, the lyricist of “The Fantasticks,” spoke at ESU. He did not brag about his accomplishments, but rather spoke about his experiences through stories. By just the way he speaks, with a funny, flowing style and diverse diction, it was easy for me to tell he is a storyteller.

The same weekend that I saw the performances, I wrote three essays for midterms and studied for my French test, which I took today. I have one more midterm tomorrow, a monologue for my acting II class, and then I will be heading home for spring break.

During spring break, I have two doctor’s appointments and my 20th birthday. Other than, that, I plan to spend this upcoming break relaxing, applying for scholarships and reading. When I come back to school afterward, tech week for the Contemporary Dancers recital will begin, with the shows March 17-19. I’m excited for break, but I am also excited for my first dance recital in almost three years.


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