Spring Break

Spring Break 2016 is almost over and I actually want it to be. Granted, I have enjoyed this week long break from schoolwork, but the stress from my family is making me anxious.

I spent a few days of break rereading the final Harry Potter book and renewing my love for the series. I just wish the movies held as much depth as the books do. After I finished reading the book, I felt like I had a hole in my heart that only more Harry Potter could fill. I logged onto Pottermore for the first time since it updated and found myself lost in stories about the magical world I love.



I turned 20 on Monday and bought myself a Gryffindor cardigan and converse shoes. My gifts to myself were the best and most expensive ones I received, in contrast to the trinkets my family got me. But, I do not wish to complain because I know my family sometimes struggles for money.

On Sunday, I will go back to ESU and begin tech week for my upcoming dance recital. I look forward to seeing my friends again and getting away from the stress of family.


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