Cabaret night and “Avenue Q”

This past weekend, I enjoyed performing in a cabaret at East Stroudsburg University and seeing “Avenue Q” on Off-Broadway.

Friday night, I performed in a cabaret hosted by my university’s Musical Theatre Organization (MTO). It was titled “New York, New York,” and every song was either about New York or mentioned it. We had about 150 people in the audience. The turn out was more than we expected, so we ran out of programs. We also raised about $150 for Broadway Cares.

I am proud of the show we put on. I was not expecting the performance to run as smooth as it did based on our rehearsals, but we pulled it together in the end. A few of the numbers even left tears in my eyes.

I am especially proud of the number I choreographed to “NYC” from “Annie.” My fellow dancers worked hard at rehearsals, and our performance felt strong. I received nothing but positive feedback about “NYC” and the cabaret in general.

Yesterday, I took a bus trip to New York City with fellow MTO members and saw “Avenue Q” at New World Stages on Off-Broadway. It was hilarious, as expected. Grace Choi, who played Christmas Eve, was my favorite performer in the musical. She has a strong voice and is really animated in the show.




After the show, my fellow ESU students and I stayed for an informative talk back with the majority of the “Avenue Q” cast. This talk back was arranged by Sam Rudy, the press agent for “Avenue Q” and “Hamilton,” after he visited ESU for a Q&A a few weeks ago.

Although I had an eventful weekend, today marks the beginning of finals week. I had my last day of classes today, and my first final is tomorrow. I will be busy studying, testing and packing for the rest of the week, and then I leave for home on Friday.

I am still unsure if I should be sad or excited about going home. On the one hand, my classes are mostly over, so I will have less stress. On the other hand, I have become closer with my friends this semester, so it might be harder for me to say good-bye, especially since I will be studying abroad next semester.




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