National Donut Day 2016

Today is National Donut Day. My aunt brought me an entire box of Krispy Kreme and I devoured three donuts on the spot. My aunt bringing me the donuts, though, was the most excitement I have had almost all summer break so far.


I am still healing from my sinus surgery about two weeks ago, so my nose is a bit congested. I am not allowed to exercise now, but I have been able to work again. I think it is better to work so I can save money for study abroad, even if the job is not the greatest. I cannot wait to be able to exercise again, though, so I can dance more and go to the gym with my aunt again.

Other than healing and working, there is not much to do around here. Especially when I cannot drive and all my friends live at least two hours away.

I have been staying busy by reading, but sometimes I get tired of sitting around my house all day.

Any suggestions for fun activities to do by oneself and without needing a car?

P.S. I live in a small town, not a city.


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