Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend was filled with Fourth of July celebrations.

On Friday, we had a surprise fire pit party at my house, which lasted well into Saturday morning. I say “surprise” because I found out about it while on break at work, when I saw my mom’s Facebook post inviting people over.

At the fire pit, I ate some of my neighbor’s buttery perogies and roasted s’mores over the fire. I spent the majority of the night playing the board game Clue twice with my sister and a few of her friends. I did not win either time, but I know I was super close both times. Our neighbors then set off a few nice fireworks when it got dark.

Then, on Sunday I wore my Old Navy Fourth of July shirt and spent time over my aunt’s house after work. Seeing my family is always an interesting experience; it is impossible to tell what might happen when we are all gathered together. Usually my Uncle Gary gets heated up over something and his loud mouth goes off. Either that or he pretends to be heated up, I can never tell.

fireworks 2016

Nonetheless, I had a great time. I rode around in a Jeep with my cousin and his friend, ate some of my aunt’s perogies, sat my the fire and watched some more fireworks. The fireworks included little ones on the ground, like one called the “pooping puppy,” large ones that burst in the sky and an American flag lantern.

This holiday weekend makes me excited for the next holiday, which I will actually be spending in England while studying abroad. I cannot wait for all the adventures I will have.


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