Gishwhes 2016 Has Begun

Gishwhes 2016 began yesterday, and so far I’ve completed some of the best submissions compared to my previous years participating.

Gishwhes, or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, is a week long media scavenger hunt hosted by actor Misha Collins from “Supernatural.” Teams of 15 comprised of people from around the world compete by completing crazy art, charity and public items, or tasks, and submitting them as pictures or videos. The grand prize this year is a trip to Iceland.

Team Puddingpants is my team this year, and I’ve grown close to them through our Facebook chats and other online hangouts. We are a super talented bunch this year, especially looking at what we have created so far. And it is only day two!

gish pp logo

This is my fourth year participating in gishwhes, and so far I feel proud of myself for my submissions. Unfortunately, I cannot share any of my submissions until after the hunt ends, according to the rules. But I promise to share my favorites once I can!

This year’s item list is shorter than previous years’, but garners a lot more excitement for me. I guess I am more excited because of the connections I have made with my team, even though they come from other American states, Canada, the UK and Malaysia. I have a busy week ahead of me making a lot of phone calls tomorrow for help with the hunt, completing two items Tuesday and hopefully even more the rest of the week.

On a side note, before I get back to my gishwhes shenanigans, I picked up my copy of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” today! I cannot wait to read it and get even more excited to see the play in January when I study abroad in England. Harry Potter is definitely one of my favorite book series and holds a beloved place in my heart.


Anyone have a similar love for Harry Potter or another book series? Also, if anyone has participated in gishwhes before, I would love to hear your stories, too!



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