“Chicago” and a Birthday Party

These past two Saturdays were pretty eventful. I saw “Chicago” at my local community theater this past Saturday, and attended my cousin’s baby’s first birthday party the Saturday before.

“Chicago” was one of my favorite musicals that I saw at this particular community theater venue so far. I find that I like their shows best with a few strong leads rather than mainly ensemble. The musical was minimalist, fast paced and easy to follow, so it held my attention better than the last musical I saw, “Cats,” did.

My cousin Micheal’s baby, Dominic, celebrated his first birthday two weeks ago with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party. The decorations and party favors were cute and an ice cream truck made a special appearance.

I think the party was a bit over the top for a one year old because he is too young to understand what was going on. However, I appreciated the Minnie Mouse ears, which I wore for the majority of the party.

In other news, I have almost everything on my pre-study abroad checklist checked off. About three more items on the list, then I will be ready for take off!


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