“Something Rotten”

I saw “Something Rotten” on Broadway yesterday and it is comedic genius! I laughed until I cried and Shakespeare (or at least the actor playing him) complimented my dress after the show.

On Sunday, I found out I won the lottery to see “Something Rotten.” I snatched up the chance and took the trip to New York City with two friends from my university.

But, before we headed to the city, I spent the day at ESU catching up with all my friends before I leave to study abroad in England. I chatted with my one friend who just came back from studying in Scotland, and grabbed lunch with the rest of my friends.

I enjoyed being away from my house for a day with friends, since my summer has mostly included only family and work. And my summer is extra long because I do not leave for study abroad for about two more weeks. But I would have started classes yesterday if I was at ESU this semester.

Anyway, when we arrived at the St. James Theatre for the show, I was expecting to watch a funny comedy. Instead, I watched a hilarious musical.

Watching the opening and closing numbers was like joining a huge party. The energy on stage reached all the way to my seat, and I could feel it throughout the entire theater.

My favorite musical numbers from the show are “A Musical,” “Something Rotten” and “Make an Omelette.”

I honestly was not expecting “Make an Omelette” to be so elaborate. The song is a musical on its own about omelettes. The amount of egg references it made and the spectacle it created had me almost falling out of my seat with laughter.

After the show, my friends and I got pictures with some of the cast and they signed our playbills at the Stage Door. The actors were all so kind, and my pride of the evening was when Shakespeare said he liked my dress.

“Something Rotten” definitely exceeded all my expectations about Broadway shows and comedies in general. It is a must see for any comedy, musical, or theater lovers.

If you have a favorite play or musical, I would love to hear about it! I can add any suggestions to my theatre bucket list.


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