Study Abroad: Classes, Football, Castles and More

I have lived in Sunderland, England for a little over two weeks now, and my second week was jam packed. I started classes last Monday, visited a beach and a castle, and attended a British football match.

My first class was Broadcast Journalism, which was in one word, intense. I learned how far ahead students are in their education compared to my home university because I could barely keep up. Thankfully, the lecturer understands my situation and has helped me ease into the class.

In fact, I had my first radio broadcast newsday today. It was a lot less overwhelming than I thought it would be. I put together a story about the Snowdog sculpture trail around the Northeast, which aired on Sunderland Uni’s “Word on Wearside” radio broadcast.

If you want to follow my broadcast journalism work, follow my twitter @mpetronews.

My other two classes, Victorian Literature and Playwrighting, were more laid back and with a slower pace.

Before my classes started, though, I visited the beach for some fish and chips by the sea. The fish and chips were delicious. I was scared the seagulls would try to steal it from me, but thankfully they stayed away. I walked barefoot on the beach and spent a few minutes standing in the freezing cold sea. I felt so free, it was worth the cold.

Then, I visited Newcastle, a neighboring city, with a few of my international friends. We toured the castle there and took in the views from atop. Plus, admission was free the day we were there because it was Tolkien week.

On Saturday, I attended my first British football match. Or what we call “soccer” in America. People immerse themselves in this sport. The crowd sings, chants, yells and sends insults across the field. My favorite insult of the night was “inbred twat.” The game ended in a tie 1-1, but I was happy Sunderland did not lose.

I am not positive what is in store for me next week, but a trip to Belgium for the Harry Potter Exhibition with my flat mates may be in the near future.


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