Alnwick Castle

I ventured through amazing sights and got up to Harry Potter shenanigans at Alnwick Castle this past weekend.

The castle, about an hours ride from Sunderland, was a filming location for the first two Harry Potter films and an episode of Downton Abbey.

Walking through, Downton Abbey costumes are on display alongside portraits of the family that currently lives there. Pictures were not allowed inside the castle, but here are a few of my favorites of the outside:


Alnwick Castle is most memorable for the broomstick lesson scene in the first Harry Potter film. Flying lessons were cancelled on the day I went because of the rain, but I still had the chance to fly around untrained. Riding a broomstick and walking on the ground where the magic originally took place felt surreal.


I then visited the town for lunch with some friends. We ate at the Queens Head Hotel, then for dessert at an ice cream shop, where I devoured strawberry ice cream on a waffle.

When we returned to the castle, we went to an enormous tree house. We swung, ran and jumped our way across the wobbly rope bridges so many times that the bouncing feeling it caused lasted well after our adventure.


This weekend, I am taking a trip to another Harry Potter location: Durham, where they shot scenes for each of the films.


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