Amsterdam, London and Scotland

I took a three city journey the past two weeks through Amsterdam, London, and Edinburgh. There are not enough words in the English language to describe my experiences, but I will try my best.

My first stop was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The city is well known for its bikes and canals, and although I did not ride a bike there, I did ride in a canal cruise. I spent most of my time walking around and taking in the sights of the quaint streets. And of course, a trip to Amsterdam would not have been complete without a visit to the Red Light District. I also visited the Van Gogh Museum on my last day there.

Then off to London I went. Right after I walked out of the Underground, I turned left and found myself staring at the Palace Theatre. I needed a moment to take in the home of the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” play, which I will be seeing in January. I did some late night exploring, walking past Big Ben and the London Eye.


Day two in London, I joined a Harry Potter walking tour and saw some of the filming locations. I then saw my first West End show: Matilda! The ticket was only £5 since I got to the theatre at the right time, and the musical was cute, funny and surprisingly intense. My next stop was the Harry Potter Warner’s Brothers Studio Tour, which was so amazing I teared up a few times. Seeing how the magical world I love was brought to life made me emotional to say the least.

Next stop was an all day tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. I made a new friend on this tour who somehow ended up being my travel companion for the next week. While at Windsor Castle, the Royal flag was flying to signify that the Queen was in residence. I still cannot get over the fact that I was so close to the Queen and did not see her. Stonehenge was a lot more interesting than I thought a clump of rocks could be. I still believe it was aliens… The Roman Baths were nice, although we were not allowed to touch the water. They did let us taste the water at the end though, and I did not care for it too much.

Edinburgh, Scotland is definitely my favorite city so far. The atmosphere of the town made me feel welcome, and I love the architecture on the streets of Old Town. On my second day, I went on a tour of the Highlands. One of our stops, Loch Ness, is like stepping into another world. And I don’t think you can truly understand the feeling without going there. The next day, I went on a walking tour and visited most of the major tourist sites. Then, I climbed Arthur’s Seat with my London friend, Taylor. I honestly do not think I would have survived the climb without him; the mountain of rocks was definitely not what I was expecting. Also unexpected was how good the Scottish dish, haggis, tastes.

Now I am back in Northeast England, planning a “friendsgiving” with my flatmates and some other American and British friends. I took a trip to the picturesque Lake District earlier today, as well. Hopefully I can catch up on all my homework soon, while also preparing for my dance squad’s competition in York next Saturday. Then, off to more travelling adventures!


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