Friendsgiving and Uni Updates

Thanksgiving was a week ago today in America. But in England I celebrated my first “friendsgiving” with friends from Britain, America and Germany.


The feast was held in our flat, and my flatmates and I welcomed over 20 people we have befriended since our time in England. Everybody brought a dish to share, including one confused British girl who thought “dish” meant a lone bowl instead of food.

Group selfie!
My flatmates and Me with our turkey.

Nevertheless, the food was delicious and so filling that everyone left feeling extra sleepy. The turkey, which my flatmate Jess worked tirelessly on, was a big hit and not dry at all. Alex, one of my other flatmates, made an addicting broccoli casserole. I just wish Dara’s whole bag of potatoes made more mash servings. It took my flat until today to finish all the leftovers. Well, almost all. We still have a few rolls, chocolates and biscuits, aka cookies, leftover.

I contributed three casserole dishes full of mac and cheese, which lasted for almost all my meals the next few days. Considering most Americans I know love mac and cheese, not many English people appreciate it as much. I find this pretty upsetting, especially because it makes finding mac n cheese at the supermarket extremely difficult.

Before friendsgiving, I saw Fantastic Beasts at the local cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and I teared up a few times. Once when they played Hedwig’s theme for a short time in the opening sequence and again near the end. There are a lot of moments I found funny throughout, although it seemed like only my flatmate Emma and I laughed at them. But at least I had someone to laugh with. Watching the film, I can tell how they can make multiple movies from it, but I am not so sure about as many as five.

As this term comes to an end, I have been trying to balance my assignments with dance. I wrote the majority of my first Victorian Literature essay and finally decided on an idea for my second playwriting assignment, but I am still well behind where I want to be assignment-wise. I hope I can catch up before I resume my travels over winter break. I am trying not to stress too much about it because, knowing me, I will be able to catch up.

Sunderland Uni Dance Squad’s first dance competition is this Saturday, so most of my focus has been on rehearsing the dances this past week. I am excited to perform with this great family of dancers and represent the squad and uni with my solo.


Stay tuned for more of my study abroad adventures and updates. Coming up: York Dance Competition and a trip to Dublin.


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