Sunderland Dance Squad: York Competition

I experienced my first university dance competition with the Sunderland Dance Squad this past Saturday. We won 2nd place in tap and I performed my first solo dance.

I’ve enjoyed every moment with this family of dancers; whether onstage, in the studio or at socials. They have made my time in Sunderland an experience I hope I never forget.

I am also grateful for my two flatmates, Dara and Jacqueline for being my biggest fans, cheering me on and capturing over 100 pictures at the competition. Honestly so happy to have made friends like them who are willing to wake up at 5 am for me.

Tomorrow, I leave for Dublin, Ireland for the weekend. When I return, I have a few Christmas celebrations planned, with my flatmates and fellow dancers, and three more assignments to finish. A few of my flatmates leave for their home countries next week, and I know I will miss them because of how close we have become in the past three months of living with each other.


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