Dublin, Ireland

I realized a few weeks ago that I had an extra weekend with nothing planned, so I searched some flights. I found a round-trip Ryan Air flight to Dublin for £20 and decided to book it. After that, I contacted my Irish high school teacher for some suggestions of what to do in Dublin. I can proudly say I checked off everything on her list during my stay in Dublin this past weekend.


When I first arrived, I enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast and learned the Irish word for bacon is “rashers.” That night, I attended my first panto show: Robin Hood. We do not have pantos in America, and I think America is missing out. A panto is a musical where the audience participates and the actors break the fourth wall. I had a fun experience at the hilarious show and the atmosphere was different, in a good way, than other forms of theatre.


I visited the Guinness Storehouse the next day and found it more fascinating than I expected. I learned a lot about how beer is made, saw some cute advertisements from throughout the years and even poured my own glass of Guinness!

A local Irishman then invited me to a science gallery, where we saw an informative exhibition on violence’s role in culture. He then showed me around the local pubs and other spots not many tourists seem to visit.

I then took a day trip to Powerscourt Garden in Wicklow. There were not many blooming flowers or plants because of the wintertime, but there are plenty of nice statues, fountains and trees from around the world.


My final day in Ireland, I took a trip to the Cliffs of Moher.

We stopped for breakfast beforehand at a place called the Barack Obama Plaza, named so because it is located in the town where Obama’s ancestors lived and where some of his family members currently reside. Who knew Obama is Irish!


At the Cliffs, I enjoyed nice views from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, as opposed to the North American side I am used to seeing back in the States. I also saw the cave where Dumbledore and Harry Potter found the fake locket horcrux in the sixth film!

On the way back to Dublin, we stopped at the city of Galway. The city is cute and had a big Christmas Market while we were there.


This time next week, I will be in Egypt! I still have not come to terms with the fact that I will soon visit the place I was obsessed with when I was younger, but I am super excited!


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