After a relaxing Christmas with my flatmates Brynn and Jess in England, I set off for Barcelona, Spain. I was quite nervous because I do not know much Spanish, but I soon learned that this city is pretty and welcoming.

Barcino letters

My first day was jam packed with tours. I did the free walking tour and a Gaudi tour with the same tour guide, Erik. This tour guide gave the most fun tour I have been on yet, that I bought a second tour. The free tour took us around the quaint Gothic Quarter and ended at a park with the most beautiful fountain I have ever seen. When the tour guide said the fountain was the best he has seen before, even beating Rome, I did not believe him. But once I saw it, I was in awe.

The fountain

The second tour was a Gaudi one, where we learned more about the architecture of Barcelona, especially that of Gaudi. He even designed a building that inspired George Lucas’s “Star Wars” stormtroopers and other parts of the films. This tour ended at Sagrada Familia, a grand basilica that Gaudi began in his lifetime and continues to be worked on today. The church is planned to be completed by 2026, in 10 years. I am not sure if that will happen, but, based on how it looks now, I know it will look wonderous once it is completed.

The Gaudi building that inspired “Star Wars”
Sagrada Familia

I finished day one with a tapas tour. I tasted a lot of different tapas, which are small portions of what could be larger meals. We even drank red wine from a beak-like bottle called a pouron. It was quite difficult not spilling any on my clothes since we could not put our mouths on the bottle.

My first tapa

Day two I spent in the city of Tarragona. This city is filled with Roman ruins. Seriously. Just walking down the streets, I passed a few ruins just sitting in the middle of modern buildings. I mostly just walked around the city, had a tapa and then dipped my feet in the Mediterranean Sea. The view from the sea was so pretty that I sat on the sand admiring it for about an hour.

Mediterranean Sea

On day three, I went back to the park with the fountain and explored. I ate some strawberry ice cream on a nutella covered waffle and then headed to Park Guell. This Gaudi dedicated park was about a half hour walk away and uphill, but so worth the view from the top of the viaduct. I was expecting nice architecture, which I got, but I was not expecting a view of Barcelona. I am definitely glad I took the hike.

View from Park Guell at sunset

Next stop: Brussels, Belgium for New Year’s with my friend Dara!


One thought on “Spain

  1. This is so awesome, what a great experience for you! Love all the pictures thanks for sharing them. Please just remember to be safe. Have fun and see you soon.
    Luv Aunt Lucy


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