Paris, France

After New Year’s I took a train to Paris for a few days. I went to local pubs, walked around the beautiful city, attended a ballet and visited the Louvre.

I arrived in the city around noon and decided to walk around. All the streets and buildings look almost identical with only slight differences, and this means all the streets are so pretty. 

As I was walking, I passed an opera house. I wanted to see an opera for a while since coming to Europe, but all they had on was a ballet. So, naturally, I bought a ticket for the ballet.

That night, I went to a pub with a Scottish friend I made at my hostel. It was open mic night and she performed such deep music about finding yourself, but with a folk-like style. 

Naimh performing at open mic

The next day, I visited the Arc de Triomph and Eiffel Tower after a free walking tour. Then it was time for the ballet. It was a Dresden ballet at Palais Garnier and it was the craziest ballet I have ever seen. It included characters speaking French and English, and a closing act that left me feeling like I was in another dimension.

Palais Garnier Opera House

My final day, I visited the Louvre. Usually the first thing visitors do at this museum is see the Mona Lisa. But I was more interested in the Egyptian and sculpture sections since Mona Lisa is too dark and unattractive of a painting for me. 

Egyptian sphinx

Roman sculpture

After I visited the sections I wanted to first, I figured why not find the Mona Lisa. That was when I realized I was lost. I knew I had to be on the other side of the museum and I could see the area I had to be in when I looked out the window, but had no clue how to get there. I ended up walking around sections I already saw until I noticed the usual five to ten people in each section I was in so far multiplied to over 100 people in a room. Then I knew I must be close to DaVinci’s famous painting before even seeing the sign pointing which way to go.

I was told not to be disappointed about the size of the painting since most people expect it to be larger. But I thought Mona Lisa was normal size, as paintings go. I was more disappointed in the fact that I could not really see it. The barrier bewteen the crowd and the artwork kept us o far away from it that the details were not visible.

View of Mona Lisa from as close as possible

I did not spend as much time in Paris as I would have liked since I did not have the chance to visit the catacombs or the Montmartre district. But overall I enjoyed the sights I did get to see and even made a few new friends.

Up next: My trips to Greece and Germany, and my final days in England… For now.

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