I visited my German friend from high school, Ellie, after my trip to Greece. She lives in a small seaside town in Germany called Kiel. Her and her family graciously welcomed me into their home for my stay.

I flew into Hamburg first and explored the city. I went to the Miniature Museum, which is the largest miniature railway. The specific details the builders put into the tiny people and places is amazing. They capture everyday and normal moments, like using the toilet and seeing an opera, and strange and occasional moments, like throwing a man in a lake and music festivals.

I walked along some pretty streets, saw interesting modern art and passed by a few decorated churches.

I arrived early at the Hamburg bus station to go to Kiel and meet Ellie, only to find out my bus was delayed by another hour. The bus arrived almost two hours late and Ellie and her mother picked me up around midnight, which I think was really nice of them.

With Ellie and her family, we took a trip to Lübeck and visited the Hansemuseum where I learned about Germany’s role in the Hanse trading alliance. It was nice to learn something positive about German history for once.

We returned to Kiel and Ellie and I went to her choir practice. I am not a singer, but the songs were upbeat and the atmosphere was energetic enough to keep me entertained. We then went to a local pub with the choir group.

On top of the church tower

The next morning, I went up the top of a church tower with Ellie and her father, who is the pastor. The view of the Baltic Sea and little town was cute.

Ellie’s father explained the roles of each church bell and I noticed that he did not mention a role for the small bell on its own. So he decided we would give that bell its chance in the spotlight and ring it on its own.

Later, Ellie and I walked along the Baltic Sea before attending the opera Rigoletto. The opera was in Italian, but German subtitled, but interesting enough to watch since I knew the story beforehand.

My final day, I explored Hamburg some more. I saw the newly opened opera house by the harbor and explored the waterfront.

Up next: My final days in England and what I learned while abroad.


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