Shakespeare’s Globe & My Final Days in England

Besides seeing a West End show each day I spent in London, I also toured Shakespeare’s Globe, visited a few museums and explored Camden Market. Then, I took a train back up North to Sunderland for my final day in the U.K.

While heading to the Globe, I got off the Underground at London Bridge Station and took the wrong exit to find myself on a spooky street. Turns out, this spookiness was intentional because it is part of the London Bridge Experience. I had plenty of time before the first Globe tour started at 9:30 a.m., so I decided to test my London navigation skills without Google maps.


My first time in London, I walked past the Globe and London Eye, crossed a bridge and got lost next to Downing Street. I did not know at that time where I got lost at, but on my second trip to London, I recognized the area and found out it was right next to the Prime Minister’s house. I figured with these two experiences behind me, I could find my way around without help this time.

So I started walking. After about five minutes, I found myself at a dead end. But I couldn’t really complain because I had a close-up view of Tower Bridge. I walked around the fountains of water spouting from the pavement on that cold, rainy day and of course I took a selfie. Then I followed the Queen’s Walk, passing the Southwark Cathedral and meeting another dead end on a pier.

But I couldn’t complain about this dead end either because I found a cool historical ship and, nearby, an enormous fish-shaped boat sculpture between some shops. I snapped some pictures because that was some intense art! I continued down the Queen’s Walk until I reached New Globe Walk, the home of Shakespeare’s Globe.


Fish boat sculpture

Unfortunately, they were not performing any Shakespeare shows at the Globe because “Globe season” ends in October. Fortunately, the tour I took was me and two other people; a small enough group that the guide took us to the different boxes and even let us stand on the stage.


Yeah, I stood on the stage. And yeah, I was freaking out a little. Maybe a lot. I’m still freaking out while typing this about a month after the experience. But what an experience! Our tour guide had a great sense of humor and, even besides my minute on the stage, made the tour worth every penny. And then all the money I spent at the gift shop. But all the money I spent there goes to the theatre, which is a cause I have a weakness for.

On top of my Globe tour experience, I also visited a few museums: the National Gallery (with Monet and Van Gogh), the British Museum (with the Rosetta Stone), and the Tate Modern (with a great rooftop view). I met up with my fellow gishwhes team member, Becky, when I visited the Tate. The two of us explored the Camden Market, shared some gelato and saw “Matilda.”

I spent the day before I went back to Sunderland seeing “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” In other words, I spent it geeking out like Scorpius Malfoy, mostly because of Scorpius Malfoy, with fellow Harry Potter fans.

I did some last minute packing for my return to the States and tried not to cry while leaving the place that became my home, where I made friends that became my family.

Up next: what I learned while abroad and experiencing “reverse culture shock.”


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