New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

I moved to NYC in October of last year. Finding an apartment in NYC is tough when you don’t already live here, as counter-intuitive as that seems. My first apartment was in Flushing, Queens. As a blonde, white woman, I was worried about feeling out of place in the primarily Asian town. But it was the only place I could find within my budget and with someone who would take in an out-of-towner. Despite the language and culture barriers, I got used to the area after a bit, but it still didn’t feel right for me. Then, near the end … Continue reading New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

Sunderland Dance Squad: York Competition

I experienced my first university dance competition with the Sunderland Dance Squad this past Saturday. We won 2nd place in tap and I performed my first solo dance. I’ve enjoyed every moment with this family of dancers; whether onstage, in the studio or at socials. They have made my time in Sunderland an experience I hope I never forget. I am also grateful for my two flatmates, Dara and Jacqueline for being my biggest fans, cheering me on and capturing over 100 pictures at the competition. Honestly so happy to have made friends like them who are willing to wake up at 5 am for me. … Continue reading Sunderland Dance Squad: York Competition

Friendsgiving and Uni Updates

Thanksgiving was a week ago today in America. But in England I celebrated my first “friendsgiving” with friends from Britain, America and Germany.   The feast was held in our flat, and my flatmates and I welcomed over 20 people we have befriended since our time in England. Everybody brought a dish to share, including one confused British girl who thought “dish” meant a lone bowl instead of food. Nevertheless, the food was delicious and so filling that everyone left feeling extra sleepy. The turkey, which my flatmate Jess worked tirelessly on, was a big hit and not dry at all. Alex, one of my … Continue reading Friendsgiving and Uni Updates

Halloween, Bonfire Night and Nando’s

With Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations, a taste of Nando’s and dance squad practices, I would say I stayed pretty busy this past week in Sunderland, England. And that is all on top of the “study” aspect of study abroad. Halloween weekend started early. In fact, it started on Wednesday here because Wednesdays are sports nights at a few of the student clubs. As part of the dance squad, I got free entry and a fun night with the group of dancers who have helped make me feel at home in the studio and out. I dressed up as Bubbles the … Continue reading Halloween, Bonfire Night and Nando’s

Cabaret night and “Avenue Q”

This past weekend, I enjoyed performing in a cabaret at East Stroudsburg University and seeing “Avenue Q” on Off-Broadway. Friday night, I performed in a cabaret hosted by my university’s Musical Theatre Organization (MTO). It was titled “New York, New York,” and every song was either about New York or mentioned it. We had about 150 people in the audience. The turn out was more than we expected, so we ran out of programs. We also raised about $150 for Broadway Cares. I am proud of the show we put on. I was not expecting the performance to run as smooth as … Continue reading Cabaret night and “Avenue Q”

Stage II Formal 2016

Last night was ESU’s Stage II Formal at Stony Acres. I had a great time dancing with friends and fellow thespians, and we played some games, too. The night started with a potluck dinner. I ate a lot of pasta and cheese and crackers. We danced for a while, then played a game of Jeopardy. The categories were related to ESU plays, musicals and the theater department in general. My team came in second place by about 200 points. We danced some more, then played musical chairs. There was a women’s game and a men’s game. The winners became formal queen and … Continue reading Stage II Formal 2016

Contemporary Dancers Recitals 2016

  Last Sunday, I began tech week for ESU’s Contemporary Dancers recitals. The performances took place Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. I had a fun time dancing during tech and the recitals because of my fellow dancers and the styles of the dances. When I arrived at the theatre, I walked into the dressing room and noticed that my secret decorated my mirror with sunflowers and quotes from “Harry Potter,” “Doctor Who,” Imagine Dragons and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Secrets are similar to secret Santa except without the “Santa” part. Some gifts that my secret left for me throughout … Continue reading Contemporary Dancers Recitals 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break 2016 is almost over and I actually want it to be. Granted, I have enjoyed this week long break from schoolwork, but the stress from my family is making me anxious. I spent a few days of break rereading the final Harry Potter book and renewing my love for the series. I just wish the movies held as much depth as the books do. After I finished reading the book, I felt like I had a hole in my heart that only more Harry Potter could fill. I logged onto Pottermore for the first time since it updated … Continue reading Spring Break