Christmas in Belize

I spent this past Christmas weekend exploring Belize! I based myself in San Ignacio mainly because of the nearby Mayan ruins. These ruins were high on my travel bucket list for the same reason I visited Pompeii a few months before. I’ve been drawn to ancient monuments and civilizations since I was in elementary school and read ancient Egypt textbooks for fun (can’t believe I was such a nerd back then, too). I had already visited my number one favorite ancient site, the Egyptian Sphinx, two Christmases ago. After I landed in Belize, I took a “chicken bus” to San … Continue reading Christmas in Belize

Flying Through 2019

Not long after my week in Italy, I worked a few flights through the southern US and enjoyed some nice layovers in Florida and Missouri. The weather was getting colder home in New York, but Italy was warm. So flying to warmer places right after a warm vacation made me feel as if coldness was a figment of my imagination… The last few months of 2019 actually felt warmer than the end of 2018, but still cold in general. I had hoped that because nice, hot summer weather began in July, about two months after it usually gets hot, that … Continue reading Flying Through 2019

Tales of Naples, Italy

Happy holidays! I’m currently flying back to the States from Belize as I write this. But I’m so behind on sharing stories from my other trips, that you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to learn more about my Christmas trip in the jungle… For this post, we’re going to time jump back to September when I spent a week in Italy! I have a list of all the places I want to visit. This “list” is really a map of the world, but sometimes I feel a strong yearning for specific places and they get bumped to a … Continue reading Tales of Naples, Italy

New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

I moved to NYC in October of last year. Finding an apartment in NYC is tough when you don’t already live here, as counter-intuitive as that seems. My first apartment was in Flushing, Queens. As a blonde, white woman, I was worried about feeling out of place in the primarily Asian town. But it was the only place I could find within my budget and with someone who would take in an out-of-towner. Despite the language and culture barriers, I got used to the area after a bit, but it still didn’t feel right for me. Then, near the end … Continue reading New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

A Rainy Summer

I’m in my final week of internship at the Scranton Times, and so far my summer has been filled mostly with rain and picnics. I attended the National Slovak Society Convention in late June, which was held in Hershey, Pa. It ended with a day at Hersheypark, which was the highlight of the convention for me. It rained steady for about an hour, but we took a lunch break during that time so it didn’t ruin our day. I rode all the coasters at least once, including an indoor coaster that spins you so you go forward and backward at … Continue reading A Rainy Summer

Halloween 2017

I spent this Halloweekend celebrating with theater friends and my Phi Sigma Pi bros. I was a basic witch on Friday and a geek on Saturday. Also, I finally got my driver’s license Saturday morning! Now all I need is a car so I don’t have to rely on others to take me to doctor appointments, etc. That will be a huge weight off my shoulders. The Monday before Halloween, I saw “Madame Butterfly” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. I went with fellow theater majors from ESU. This opera was not the best, but also not the … Continue reading Halloween 2017

Independence Day Shenanigans

I spent America’s Independence Day swimming, eating and enjoying fireworks with family as usual. My aunt hosts 4th of July at her house each year, yet people still ask if/when she’s hosting it. It’s become a running joke with my family whenever people ask about it. This 4th was hotter and less cloudy than the last ones, so it was a nice chance to swim for the majority of the day. But when the sun went down, we pulled up our chairs around the fire pit and celebrated freedom! We lit some sparklers and threw some snaps, then set off … Continue reading Independence Day Shenanigans

Spring Break and Camping

Over spring break last month, I volunteered at Bear Creek Lake State Park in Va. I worked with other ESU students to rake leaves and clean up campsites. We learned more about environmental conservation and formed new friendships with each other. On the final day at the park, we split off into groups. Group one built picnic tables for the campsites and group two did trail maintenance. I was part of group two. Doing trail maintenance was surprisingly the most fun I had at the park. We rerouted a trail so water would not erode the  walking path. To reroute, … Continue reading Spring Break and Camping

New Year’s in Brussels

Before my flight to Brussels, Belgium on New Year’s Eve, I was getting super excited because I would be celebrating with my friend/study abroad flatmate Dara. Our flights were scheduled to land 15 minutes away from each other, so we planned to meet in the airport. Well… Turns out Brussels has two airports and we each flew into a different one. After the initial confusion of trying to find each other at arrivals in our opposite airports, we finally met midway at a train station. We talked over lunch about our travel adventures after we last saw each other in … Continue reading New Year’s in Brussels