Looking Back to Look Forward

During this coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself with extra time on your hands. Maybe you choose to spend it completing unfinished projects or learning a new skill. Maybe you binge watch every show on every streaming service or scroll through every social media and save every meme. Or maybe you’re an essential worker and you only have time to eat and sleep when you finally get home, if you’re lucky. No matter your situation, we can all use some extra positivity. During these challenging times, one way to hold on to happiness is to reflect on your good experiences … Continue reading Looking Back to Look Forward

Uncertainty on the Ground, Uncertainty in the Air

Since NYC’s shelter in place order began a few weeks ago, my life became more hectic and unusual. I hoped we would have overcome the peak of Covid-19 by this month, but it seems we haven’t even reached the peak yet. Many people are scared, many are in denial, and many do not know what to think. Although we’re told to stay six feet away from each other in public, the amount of people out of their homes does not seem much different than before this pandemic. Buses and trains are running as normal or on reduced schedules for “essential … Continue reading Uncertainty on the Ground, Uncertainty in the Air