Looking Back to Look Forward

During this coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself with extra time on your hands. Maybe you choose to spend it completing unfinished projects or learning a new skill. Maybe you binge watch every show on every streaming service or scroll through every social media and save every meme. Or maybe you’re an essential worker and you only have time to eat and sleep when you finally get home, if you’re lucky. No matter your situation, we can all use some extra positivity. During these challenging times, one way to hold on to happiness is to reflect on your good experiences … Continue reading Looking Back to Look Forward

Uncertainty on the Ground, Uncertainty in the Air

Since NYC’s shelter in place order began a few weeks ago, my life became more hectic and unusual. I hoped we would have overcome the peak of Covid-19 by this month, but it seems we haven’t even reached the peak yet. Many people are scared, many are in denial, and many do not know what to think. Although we’re told to stay six feet away from each other in public, the amount of people out of their homes does not seem much different than before this pandemic. Buses and trains are running as normal or on reduced schedules for “essential … Continue reading Uncertainty on the Ground, Uncertainty in the Air

Christmas in Belize

I spent this past Christmas weekend exploring Belize! I based myself in San Ignacio mainly because of the nearby Mayan ruins. These ruins were high on my travel bucket list for the same reason I visited Pompeii a few months before. I’ve been drawn to ancient monuments and civilizations since I was in elementary school and read ancient Egypt textbooks for fun (can’t believe I was such a nerd back then, too). I had already visited my number one favorite ancient site, the Egyptian Sphinx, two Christmases ago. After I landed in Belize, I took a “chicken bus” to San … Continue reading Christmas in Belize

Flying Through 2019

Not long after my week in Italy, I worked a few flights through the southern US and enjoyed some nice layovers in Florida and Missouri. The weather was getting colder home in New York, but Italy was warm. So flying to warmer places right after a warm vacation made me feel as if coldness was a figment of my imagination… The last few months of 2019 actually felt warmer than the end of 2018, but still cold in general. I had hoped that because nice, hot summer weather began in July, about two months after it usually gets hot, that … Continue reading Flying Through 2019

Tales of Naples, Italy

Happy holidays! I’m currently flying back to the States from Belize as I write this. But I’m so behind on sharing stories from my other trips, that you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to learn more about my Christmas trip in the jungle… For this post, we’re going to time jump back to September when I spent a week in Italy! I have a list of all the places I want to visit. This “list” is really a map of the world, but sometimes I feel a strong yearning for specific places and they get bumped to a … Continue reading Tales of Naples, Italy

My Year in the Sky

I’ve officially been a flight attendant for a whole year! The airline industry has its ups and downs just like any other job, but I know the flight attendant lifestyle is the one for me. Also, I get to work in the sky… that’s cool! I love this job. The people I work with and the customers we take care of make the drawbacks (mainly living in NYC on regional airline pay) easier to put in the back of my mind. I’m still on reserve (or on call) after a year at Endeavor Air, but I’ve gotten used to it. … Continue reading My Year in the Sky

New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

I moved to NYC in October of last year. Finding an apartment in NYC is tough when you don’t already live here, as counter-intuitive as that seems. My first apartment was in Flushing, Queens. As a blonde, white woman, I was worried about feeling out of place in the primarily Asian town. But it was the only place I could find within my budget and with someone who would take in an out-of-towner. Despite the language and culture barriers, I got used to the area after a bit, but it still didn’t feel right for me. Then, near the end … Continue reading New Apartment, New Shows, New Food… New York City

Vienna, Austria & the “Little Things”

A few months ago, I realized that a lot of my trips have been to the same countries. I went back to the U.K. a year after I studied abroad in North East England. I visited Germany over a winter break and again over a summer break in college. And more recently, I visited Belgium for a second time since New Year’s 2017. Even though I’ve been a country-repeating traveler, each of those trips were their own unique adventures. When I revisit a country, I often venture to a different city or region than before. I love seeing the variety … Continue reading Vienna, Austria & the “Little Things”

A Birthday, a Memorial, a Reunion and an Adventure

When I studied abroad in the UK, my one flatmate Alex spent a weekend in Krakow. When she returned, she kept raving about how beautiful, fun and cheap Poland is. She said the only downside for her was not spending more time there. Ever since, I had Poland on the top of my (still unwritten) travel bucket list. So I decided to check it off for my birthday this year! I connected through Frankfurt on the way over, flying Delta One (I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop enjoying my time in business class as if I’ve never flown before…) … Continue reading A Birthday, a Memorial, a Reunion and an Adventure