Christmas in Belize

I spent this past Christmas weekend exploring Belize! I based myself in San Ignacio mainly because of the nearby Mayan ruins. These ruins were high on my travel bucket list for the same reason I visited Pompeii a few months before. I’ve been drawn to ancient monuments and civilizations since I was in elementary school and read ancient Egypt textbooks for fun (can’t believe I was such a nerd back then, too). I had already visited my number one favorite ancient site, the Egyptian Sphinx, two Christmases ago. After I landed in Belize, I took a “chicken bus” to San … Continue reading Christmas in Belize

Tales of Naples, Italy

Happy holidays! I’m currently flying back to the States from Belize as I write this. But I’m so behind on sharing stories from my other trips, that you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to learn more about my Christmas trip in the jungle… For this post, we’re going to time jump back to September when I spent a week in Italy! I have a list of all the places I want to visit. This “list” is really a map of the world, but sometimes I feel a strong yearning for specific places and they get bumped to a … Continue reading Tales of Naples, Italy