My Day on a Brazilian Farm: Goiás, Brazil (Part III)

One of the most awe-inspiring days of my trip to Brazil earlier this year was the day I spent on a farm. My friend Rodrigo’s family owns a farm in Jaraguá with sheep, cows, chickens and other animals. It has large open fields for the animals, houses for the family and workers, and a dense rainforest with a river running through it. When we arrived at the farm, Rodrigo introduced me to a few of the workers as he gathered supplies: a plastic bag with a net inside, a machete, a beer, water and some miscellaneous items. At this point, … Continue reading My Day on a Brazilian Farm: Goiás, Brazil (Part III)

Discovering Brazil Through Food

I traveled solo in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year and later met up with my friend Rodrigo in a smaller Brazilian town. Throughout our adventures in Brasilia and Goiás, he introduced me to so many foods that I doubt I would have known about on my own. For example, he would pick a fruit off a tree and I would stand there watching in shock. When he clearly didn’t die from eating it, I ate it, too (and also didn’t die)! Some of the new foods I tried are native to Brazil. Others are common elsewhere and eaten the … Continue reading Discovering Brazil Through Food

Sunburns, Cascades and Mountain Views: Goiás, Brazil (Part II)

My friend, Rodrigo, and I took a three hour drive from Brasilia to the small town of Jaraguá, where he grew up. We arrived late and went for dinner, where he introduced me to my first Brazilian fatty food: pamonhas, mashed corn in husks (I’ll dedicate an upcoming post to all the new foods I discovered in Brazil). The next morning, we road tripped through nearby towns on our way to Salto Corumbá cascades (aka waterfalls). These cascades were part of a relaxed resort area with a bar and buffet, a few pools and water slides. We set off for … Continue reading Sunburns, Cascades and Mountain Views: Goiás, Brazil (Part II)

Road Trip from Brasilia: Goiás, Brazil (Part I)

I experienced my most eye-opening vacation yet this past January. After enjoying three days of jam-packed amazement in Rio de Janeiro, I explored more of inland Brazil with my friend Rodrigo. We first met about two years ago in Belgium, where he lives now. Over the holidays, he visited his family in Jaraguá, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, and I was cool (or lucky, blessed, etc.) enough to join along! I flew from Rio’s domestic airport to the capital city of Brasilia, where I reunited with my friend. We spent the day sightseeing in the capital, before heading to … Continue reading Road Trip from Brasilia: Goiás, Brazil (Part I)

Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Like many people nowadays, I’ve spent most of the past few months sanitizing and self-isolating when I wasn’t working. And although the year is young, it has been full of adventures for me! I kicked off 2020 with my first trip to South America, which was also my first time in the southern hemisphere! Before visiting my friend, Rodrigo, in the state of Goiás, I spent a few days in Rio de Janeiro. I ventured through the colorful city during the day and enjoyed caipirinhas with fellow travelers in my hostel after sunset. When I booked Books Hostel, I didn’t … Continue reading Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christmas in Belize

I spent this past Christmas weekend exploring Belize! I based myself in San Ignacio mainly because of the nearby Mayan ruins. These ruins were high on my travel bucket list for the same reason I visited Pompeii a few months before. I’ve been drawn to ancient monuments and civilizations since I was in elementary school and read ancient Egypt textbooks for fun (can’t believe I was such a nerd back then, too). I had already visited my number one favorite ancient site, the Egyptian Sphinx, two Christmases ago. After I landed in Belize, I took a “chicken bus” to San … Continue reading Christmas in Belize

Flying Through 2019

Not long after my week in Italy, I worked a few flights through the southern US and enjoyed some nice layovers in Florida and Missouri. The weather was getting colder home in New York, but Italy was warm. So flying to warmer places right after a warm vacation made me feel as if coldness was a figment of my imagination… The last few months of 2019 actually felt warmer than the end of 2018, but still cold in general. I had hoped that because nice, hot summer weather began in July, about two months after it usually gets hot, that … Continue reading Flying Through 2019